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2015 Goal Race- Blackland Triathlon

Blackland Triathlon

Every year I try to have a single "A" race that I plan my training around in order to perform at my peak that day. "My peak" of course being very relative - I certainly don't train enough to ever consider winning a race, but a top-three finish in my age group is always possible.  I sometimes come out of the water first (just that many more people to pass me on the bike and the run ..)

This year I am targeting the Blackland Sprint Triathlon on Labor Day.  It's at my home pool Oak Point for my Master's swim team, the Plano Wetcats, so I know the swim course well - heh.  My training has gone well over the off season and so far into the spring and summer, so I could conceivably have a good showing.

With all the rain and flooding this spring in DFW, most of the early triathlons were canceled, postponed, or turned into duathlons. Hopefully I can get some training races in during the summer.

If you want to connect with me on Garmin Connect and follow my exciting training, I'm "djhahn".