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Dadfest 5K

Dave and TwinsMy great twins boys gave me a nice Father's Day present this weekend- they both ran the Dadfest 5K with me on Saturday.  It's June in Texas, so of course it's miserably hot and humid- was maybe 84 degrees and 90% humidity at race time, but we ran hard anyway.

"Real" Mountain Biking

Red Rocks TrailI went up to Denver this week for DrupalCamp Colorado, and of course we had to go up a day early to do some actual mountain biking.  We call the offroad riding we do here in Dallas "mountain biking", but with maybe 30-40 feet of elevation change in a typical trail, it isn't really.

New Tarakan site- OpenLink

OpenLink community website by Tarakan DesignTarakan recently completed another commnity site for Texas Instruments, this time for the OpenLink group, which "provides open, comprehensive access to Texas Instruments' connectivity technology drivers, ... resources, support, product information and more."  Users can find information, and view and share projects they've created with TI wirless products.

Purdy eh?


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