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Richardson Food Truck Park

Richardson Food Truck Park

A nice little food truck park opened in Richardson lately, with rotating trucks, a craft beer bar, plenty of festive outdoor seating, and great ambience. 

Xmas with the Waltons

Waltons and HahnsWe typically do Thanksgiving with my family (because Tess' family is mostly off shooting things then) and Christmas with Tess' family, and that was the case this year.  Her brother and family and he dad were all in town for several days (her mom already lives in Dallas) and everyone was able to spend quality time together.

Thanksgiving at the Hahns

Hahn Family 2011In general, I don't care for most holidays.  Thanksgiving and birthdays are about all I celebrate.  Typically we do Thanksgiving with my family, and xmas with Tess' family (since generally for Thanksgiving her family is either shooting animals of some sort., or partying in Vegas).  

First day of "college" for Xan

Richland Collegiate High SchoolToday, my (formerly) little boy Xan starts his first day of "college".  Why do I put it in quotes?  Well, not because he's going to Barber College, or Texas A&M, but today he starts Richland Collegiate High School.  

the dePaul School

The dePaul School mascotWhen we lived in Clearwater, Florida a few years back, Kai attended the dePaul School, a very small private school intended primarily for dyslexic children.

Father's Day Golf

Dad Tees OffToday was simultaneously my Dad's birthday and Father's Day, so of course we had to celebrate.  And what better way than with some golf.

Dadfest 5K

Dave and TwinsMy great twins boys gave me a nice Father's Day present this weekend- they both ran the Dadfest 5K with me on Saturday.  It's June in Texas, so of course it's miserably hot and humid- was maybe 84 degrees and 90% humidity at race time, but we ran hard anyway.

Lake o' the Pines

Lake o' the PinesI took this photo of Claire venturing into Lake o' the Pines in east Texas last summer. We took a family road trip for a long weekend to Jefferson, TX so I could do the Jefferson Triathlon. We rented a house right off of Lake o' the Pines, and since there is very little to do in Jefferson, we spent lots of time at the lake.

Deep Freeze

Claire and TessThe Deep Freeze in Dallas is now in its 3rd day and not expected to warm up above freezing until Saturday. The kids have been off school since Tuesday, when it rained, sleeted, then dropped to 10 degrees. We've have rolling blackouts because of the electricity demand. Any they expect two inches of snow overnight.

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