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The Calm Before the Storm

Family at Duck CreekThe kids, Sudo the Dog and I went to Duck Creek to run and bike on Saturday, when the temperature was pushing 80 degrees.  Also to feed the ducks, of which there are hundreds (hence the name).  We had to get out before the predicted Iceopocalypse was to come later in the week.

Which is here now - we had an inch of ice overnight and it's not supposed to get over freezing until the weekend, with an 8 degree low tonight!  It never gets that cold in Dallas.  You'd think that with so many > 100 degree days all summer, we'd get decent winters.

No school today or tomorrow, maybe not Thursday either. We plan to just hunker down. Pulled out the aging Playstation 2 for some retro-gaming today.  I can still crush the twins in Crash Team Racing!

  • Feb 1 2011