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the dePaul School

The dePaul School mascotWhen we lived in Clearwater, Florida a few years back, Kai attended the dePaul School, a very small private school intended primarily for dyslexic children.  He made great strides mitigating his dyslexia while there, and while I was unemployed for 6 months there I helped them out upgrading their technology, revamping their financial planning, and whatever else I could do to help.

A while back the lovely and talented headmistress Vicki called me to see if my company would redo their 1997-looking website.  I agreed, and pro bono of course, working on it nights and weekends, as both her and I were busy with paid client and student work.

Today, it launched -!  A modern looking Drupal-based site that's user and SEO friendly, works some of their school marketing material look&feel into the site, and is easy for them to manage themselves (content-wise at least).

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and have a dyslexic or ADHD child, there's no better school.