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"Drupal 8" is So Boring .. and Lacks Marketing Potential

Dasani Bottle with Drupal icon

Many of you Android users may already know that Google has chosen to name its next release of Android "KitKat", following its convention of dessert-related names.  What's more interesting is the tie-in with a candy bar brand, and the cross promotion that will come with it.

Got me to thinking - why not do something similar with Drupal 8?  Drupal 8 is so boring.  Ubunta and Mac use animals, Intel names its chips after rivers and land features. What should Drupal use?  Something relevant to the history of Drupal, as well as marketing capabilities.

So I propose that Drupal 8 now become ... Drupal Dasani!  We use brands of bottled water.  Plenty to choose from for future releases, and anyone that picks up a Dasani bottle sees the Drupal logo.  99% will wonder what the hell it is, but might get through to some people.  Who's with me!?