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It's that CompuTrainer Time of Year

CompuTrainer and my Trek Hilo 2000I'm a few months behind, but I finally got my CompuTrainer hooked up and am ready for some hardcore wintertime indoor training.  Despite its benefits, I am not the biggest fan of indoor training, and try to ride only outside during the warmer months.  But in Dec / Jan we just have too many sub-freezing days in Dallas.  You can load various courses into the CompuTrainer, and it simulates going up and down hills and records lots of stats about how much I suck at bike racing.

I do have a nice 32" TV to help me through those grueling sessions- usually I'll watch a recorded triathlon (I have Kona 2010 saved for my first workout) or something suitably motivating.  If not, then Homer will do.

  • Dec 27 2010