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Riding at River Legacy

River Legacy TrailWe did some park exploring this morning- all the way to River Legacy park in Arlington.  I packed my main mountain bike, as well as my older hardtail bike for a buddy to ride.  He and I hit the DORBA bike trail, while Tess and the kids explored the park and the Living Science Center.  

The trail starts out easy but soon gets intersesting. After some twisting, rolling hills I found a "red" section called EKG. If you really, really like rollers, this is the trail for you.  I should have scoped it out better first before charging over the hills at full speed, just to find a root over the top of one of them- did a spectacular endo (captured on handlebar cam to boot) but managed to avoid too much damage.

We followed it up with a trip to nearby Al's Hamburgers, in Arlington since 1957 apparently.