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Spring 2012 Goal Race- Ironman 70.3 Texas

Ironman 70.3 TexasMy 2011 triathlon season was ... um ... not so great.  Between starting a new demanding job and having back issues while swimming, I failed to complete nearly as many triathlons as usual. Like none.  I did some running races and a couple bike rallies, but no tris.  Sad- first time 10 years I didn't do a triathlon that year. 

My running and biking are actually in decent shape.  I've been biking regularly, both on and off-road, and recently ran a fairly decent 5K. But I need to start increasing my distances and frequency of training, and get back in the pool.  And now that it's 30 degrees out and raining half the time.  Yay.

But the back is feeling better and I recently joined the Tom Landry Fitness center.  With access to a pool, spin classes and an indoor track I have no excuse for lack of winter training facilities.  Now, I just needed a goal.

And for the spring, it's Ironman 70.3 Texas on April 1 in Galveston.  70 miles of racing over 5-6 hours.  Just what I need.