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Spring Creek Forest Preserve

Twins and Sudo at Spring Creek ForestThe twins, Sudo and I did some exploring today - to check out a new natural area.  This time- Spring Creek Forest Preserve in Garland.  It's been on my list for a while and we needed a run today, and there appeared to be some runable trails there. Hard to tell though- as usual it's really hard to find good info on these places (which is the reason for the upcoming the twins and I are working on).  We found one web site dedicated to the area, but hadn't seemed to be updated in a while.

The forest management is split between the City of Garland and Dallas County, each having their own trailhead and trails, about a block from each other.  We first went to the slightly more northeastern trailhead since it seemed to have more trails. It was fenced off though, and full of bulldozers. No mention of what work was going on.

The other trailhead was mostly abandoned- 2-3 cars maybe. We found the trail and ran three loops. I forgot my GPS watch but am guessing the loop was about 3/4 mile long.  One side borders Spring Creek with 40-50 foot sheer limestone cliff walls.  It's the same creek that runs through Spring Creek Natural Area, about 8-9 miles northwest.  The trail is mostly flat and straight and non-technical. Go visit- nobody else does apparently! 

  • Jan 23 2011