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Thanksgiving at the Hahns

Hahn Family 2011In general, I don't care for most holidays.  Thanksgiving and birthdays are about all I celebrate.  Typically we do Thanksgiving with my family, and xmas with Tess' family (since generally for Thanksgiving her family is either shooting animals of some sort., or partying in Vegas).  

This year we gathered at my parents' residence of 45 years in Ft. Worth, TX. My local sister and brother and my remote (Arkansas) sister and all their families were all present.  20 of us all together.  Was very nice- we don't all get together too often any more.

We did the FW Turkey Trot, then headed over to their house early for a shower and snacks.  Even at 72 my mother put together a tremendous feast entirely by herself.  After we recovered from dinner and the following pie-o-ganza, we managed to get some No Rules Football going in my mom's heavily landscaped and award-winning front yard (not after we finished with it!)  The adults soundly defeated the children in a highly unfair and mismatched game of street ball.

And that evening the UT Longhorns defeated the Texas A&M Aggies in their (likely) last ever rivalry matchup game- in dramatic last-minute fashion as well.  All in all, it was a great day.