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Trail Exploring - Frisco

Taychas Trail Frisco TXI had some clients to see up north in Frisco today, so I mixed in a combination training run / trail exploring trip.  I haven't documented a single Frisco trail yet for CityRecGuide (coming soon!)  I planned to look at two trails - one called Beaver's Ben Trail Extension (starting at ... wait for it .. Beaver's Bend Park) and one further east called the Taychas Trail, which looked like it has its best trailhead at Limestone Quarry Park.  It wasn't the best choice of days - in the 40's with a strong north wind.

The trail at Beaver's Bend Park ran though some brush and nice landscaping, but was fairly short.  I didn't venture too far.  But at Limestone Quarry I ran the entire length out and back (just 2.4 miles) and took photos.  It runs next to a creek between neighborhoods, over a few bridges and through some parks.  A nice trail for a short run, but back and forth or frequent use would quickly get old.  It was dead empty when I ran, but again - the weather was lousy.

Still more trails in Frisco to explore and document, and I plan to get some of my pictures up on Flickr shortly.

  • Nov 30 2010