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Apple ][ personal computerI've been a "computer guy" since I was 13 and worked summers cleaning pool bathrooms so I could buy my first Apple ][+. I learned that Apple inside and out, developing and running a popular BBS on it with two .. yes, two 300 baud modems.

I switched to a PC in college, and worked extensively with VAX mainframes. My senior year I created what I believe is the only multi-user version of Tetris running on a VAX ever made, with local and global leaderboards and attracting world-wide attention. Graphics and asynchronous input on a VAX isn't easy!

Today I am equally comfortable on Windows, Mac and Linux, using all three in a typical day of work. I'm still that guy everyone calls when their computer dies or they "accidentally" click on that link that they probably shouldn't have. Whether I want to be or not.

I've been an athlete my entire life. I did most sports as a youngster, eventually landing in the water as a competitive swimmer and four-year letterman in high school, winning all my events in my senior year at the district and regional championships. I played water polo for UT and SWTSU in college, traveling all over Texas for games and tournaments, as well as spending more time than I should have playing sand volleyball.

As an adult I play league volleyball, ride thousands of miles on and off road annually on my bikes, continue to train and race with the Plano Wetcats masters swim team, run 5ks to marathons, and have completed over 50 triathlons. I get ancy if I go more than a few days without a workout of some sort.

the Hahn family at the ranchI met my gorgeous and brilliant wife Tess in college (assisting her with a computer problem, of course) and we've been married for twenty years. We bought our first house in Austin, later moved to Utah, where we learned to ski, explored all the great national parks, and produced a perfect pair of twin boys. We soon moved back to Texas- Dallas this time- to be near family and a few years later our daughter was born, a curly blonde like her mommy.

After another work-related move to the beach in Clearwater, Florida, we came back to Dallas and plan to stay put for a while. The twins are both in college, studying Bioinformatics and Digital Retailing, respectively.  Our young daughter is equally brilliant, with regional and state championships and in Texas Academic Decathlon, several first places in writing competitions, and will be starting collge in the Fall, studying communications and modern digital media.  

Everyone but me studies martial arts with the twins earning two black belts each and the girls one belt degree.  We've explored just about every interesting thing within 500 miles of Dallas over the years, with no plans to stop anytime soon.