Posted On:02.06.2017
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After spending untold hours slaving over a lab table, endlessly pipetting one vial’s content into another vial over and over again? Well no longer!


A startup called OpenTron has decided to tackle this problem one robotic worker at a time. Instead of having grad student prepare the testing samples or using some extremely overpriced machine, OpenTron hopes to get your lab to buy its 3,000 dollar machine that does basically the same thing.


The main advantage of OpenTron over the more contemporary models is that the machine cost only a fraction of the cost and can be controlled by a web browser and programs downloaded off of the internet that can be freely created, edited and used by anyone for free.
So this way, instead of spending untold hours working over a lab table or sending in the samples to a remote lab that takes days to get there and process on top of the cost of keep the sample uncontaminated, you can just buy a machine now to do it all for you!