Value of Lab Grown Meat

Posted On:02.06.2017
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The use of synthetic created meat created in a lab could potentially solve many of the problems that modern mass produced cattle farms have. Health – Lab created meat could be incredible healthy for you, by adding all of the nutrients and vitamins that a human body needs to live. Animal Rights – By using meat extracted from stem cells, no animals would suffer, since no animals would even be needed for meat production to occur. Environmental – Meat grown from a lab would reduce the waste and pollution of factory meat farms, would negate all of the runoff from the slaughter houses, and fields, and would mean production of meat could even be made in cities, reducing energy from travel.


The issues with lab grown meat are mostly one of preference, for instance it may be difficult to convince people who enjoy the system all ready to switch due to the fact that it was grown in a lab, and the meat does not derive from any animals. Another issue being how unnatural it is to derive meat from a petri dish, and not from a living cow.


However, even with these issues, I believe the future is in synthetic lab grown meat due to two factors. The first being how inexpensive and reliable meat production would become, since having the same product for half the cost tends to put the competitors out of business in capitalism. The second reason being how healthy and moral such food would be, with no cows slaughtered and the health issues that result from animals fed improper meals and diet their whole lives.


“Dr. Mark Post, the Dutch researcher who created the hamburger at the University of Maastricht, say that lab-made meat could provide high-quality protein for the world’s growing population while avoiding most of the environmental and animal-welfare issues related to conventional livestock production.” (