Ionic Bioinformatics Learning App

Posted On:02.28.2017
Posted by admin ,

For a while I was really interested in working on an Ionic based app to help others learn bioinformatics although it was hard to figure out exactly how to do that….

But after looking around and working this app for weeks I finally created my first app! My Bioinformatics Learning app is based off of the Open Source University Bioinformatics app on github right now that has a detailed list of places and programs that will educate and teach a person all about the field of bioinformatics for free!

Take a look at the app and you will find a helpful and easy way to learn bioinformatics on your own time and free.

Many of the classes begin and end at specific times and must be started at the correct time to have access to the course so watch out for those deadlines!


Here we have the main page of the app that can direct us to any of the major areas of the site where you can look into the various classes and keep track of your progress so far!

And on the other side we can see the awesome layout of the class list and links to the sites that provide the learning material for each individual class

Thanks for taking a look and I will be getting this onto the app store as soon as possible!

Github Link: here